Blake G.  -  18/08/2020

Wow! Seriously impressed with these. I was annoyed when I couldn't see Comet Neowise's tail because I lacked a 10x pair of binoculars. So I decided to look for a pair that was affordable. A pair I had long ago would fog in humid weather so I wanted one that was sealed, waterproof, and anti-fog. This pair checked all the boxes. They don't feel like cheap binoculars. They are heavy well constructed. They also work very well and the optics are crystal clear. I took them on a hike yesterday along lake Michigan and they worked really well. I could quickly focus on birds and features on the water really easily. I also tested them by looking at my bookshelf from about 40ft away. I could read the book titles on the spines of the books fairly easily. That's how sharp I was able to focus these. These also came with a high quality nylon carrying case and a neck strap. I definitely recommend these for an affordable option.