Terri Koskie  -  11/01/2021

Binoculars are great, customer service is fantastic in answering some questions I had about the product. The image is really clear and bright and the field of view is much larger than other binoculars I've had. I look forward to many great adventures with these binoculars.

Jbong  -  07/01/2021

I just purchased these binoculars about 3 weeks ago. I'm using them on a deer hunt great optics, not to heavy but they are working great on a tripod. Great product for the price range just as clear as my older Nikon. Would highly recommend.

Rogeramjetca  -  29/12/2020

I bought these to take to Kenya on safari. They were perfect for the trip. I used them every day and could get a really up-close feel with the many animals I saw. They were so good, even the guide borrowed my pair from time to time.

Greg  -  28/12/2020

Bought these to use for hunting and African photo safari and have used in many different lighting conditions from dawn to dusk to midday. They performed well in all lighting situations. Easy to tailor to individual user's eyesight and can take a beating. No complaints.

Robert  -  18/12/2020

Bought these to use at the range, they are amazing, well made, clear view & you can’t beat the warranty.